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Indians Win One

It’s not very often the Indians win one from the white man (not counting casino games) but they did at Standing Rock. And like all wins from the white man, it could be temporary. Look at Custer’s Last Stand. Yes, he lost, the Indians won, but it wasn’t long before the Indians in the West were overwhelmed and soundly defeated. I hope that brave N. Dakota Sioux tribe is ready for the onslaught with a battalion of lawyers, if it should come. We were talking about this over dinner the other night with my cousin and her husband. I admitted I haven’t been following the story closely but they were, so I learned a lot. The news coverage of it had been fairly light considering the time the fraudulent, crooked, evil 24-7 cable news racket had spent on Trump coverage. And, by the way, I still can’t put that man’s name in the same sentence with “President.” And, another by the way, I haven’t watched 24-7 news porn since the election. I don’t miss it and yet I feel fully informed and unafraid. There’s plenty of news online and on NPR/PBS that isn’t foaming at the mouth. I recommend everyone pull the news porn plug, if for no other reason than to keep your sanity.

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