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All The News That Makes You Puke

Breitbart News has the explanation of how Pres. Obama was able to spy on poor donny (“Shut the fuck up, Donny”-The Big Labowski) trump. Obama didn’t use the United States spy services. He used GCHQ, the British spy agency. How come nobody in the mainstream media has reported this? Breitbart quotes Fox News Judicial Analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano as the source of this information. His Tweet: “Three intel sources have disclosed that Pres. Obama turned to British spies to get surveillance on trump.” Who are the sources? In journalism, this is called a blind source, or an anonymous source. You can use it to say anything you like. “Three sources have disclosed that the last year trump paid income tax was in 2005.” But in real journalism (not the kind Breitbart practices) the reporter would have to disclose their sources to an editor. Does Congress know about this information? What about FBI Director James Comey? Is he aware of this? This might be a massive coverup by everyone except Breitbart. Wait a minute. Could the judge be creating fake news? I hope not. And what about Paul Ryan? Breitbart is going after Ryan with a video that makes him look bad. Shame! Sad!

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