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Korean War II

I resent these elite power mongers using us innocent civilians as pawns in their international megalomaniacal authoritarian crap. It’s nothing new either. The latest manifestation of trump vs. Un is only the latest. It’s been going on since one primate developed enough of an army that it could invade its neighbor’s land. It’s nothing for the Bashar al-Assads of the world to destroy a half a million people to keep their ego alive and fed in the golden palace. Bring on the dancing girls! Would the leaders of China and America sacrifice the lives of the people on the Korean Peninsula to bring “world peace” and Sino-American control of that part of the world? Sure, why not. It’s a deal. It’s no skin off their balls, and it does primarily involve despots with balls. I hope the current political nonsense will bring on a revolution of thought in America. Thought leads to action, action leads to change. It may take four years, but it will happen if we make it so. It’s written into the Declaration of Independence.

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