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Stalling for Time

This whole nonsensical attempt to do the right thing without doing the right thing is tiresome. Hillary Clinton did it, Pres. Obama did it and now trump, the U.S.House of Representatives and the Senate are doing it. They are trying to dance around the fact that the United States needs and will have a single-payer health care system someday. Certainly, it won’t happen this year or the next, but the sooner the better. Heres how we do it. Examine all the single-payer systems in the world, take what works and discard what doesn’t. Add our own genius and watch it happen. When the government dances around the real solution, it just winds up making health care insurance a can of worms. Trump’s right about it being complicated. Simplify. Insurance companies should get out of the health business. They have fire, flood, life, casualty, property, etc. They can prosper just fine without insuring something they don’t want to insure in the first place.

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