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Fat City

I’m sorry. I don’t mean to offend anyone with the title of my blog, using the word “fat” and all. Please forgive me, but I think fat is funny. I know “fat shaming” is politically incorrect, but my attitude about political correctness is fuck it. Fuck political correctness. I’ll decide who and what I’ll make fun of. I’m not going to let some thin-skinned stranger who is easily offended decide what I’m going to do. Do I sound defensive? I’m sorry for sounding defensive and I’m sorry for saying “fuck.” Language is so important these days, unless you're trump. Then you can say any fucking thing you want. Sad.

Did I offend trump supporters? I’m sorry about offending trump supporters. I’m especially sorry about offending fat trump supporters who never say “fuck.” It seems we can’t make fun of anybody anymore. There are so many bald people, short people, stupid people, people with big ears, buck teeth, no teeth…it’s a waste. It’s a shame. Let’s call it Ridicule Shaming. Shaming people who ridicule is unfair. If we can’t laugh at ourselves, then it’s another sign the terrorists have won. They’ve already changed the 7th inning stretch at most ball parks. Yankee Stadium even plays a recording by a woman who’s been dead for 31 years. I’m sorry if I offended Kate Smith, her family, friends, associates and anyone who loves singing “God Bless America.” I’m sorry to atheists for bringing up God. We all should be sorry to God.

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