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Hitler Meets Mussolini

History repeats itself because human nature doesn’t change. Putin is not going to stop his cyber war against the U.S.because of one reason. It works; it’s successful. Besides, these two men have the opportunity to build one of the greatest crooked business empires of all time. They see the opening and they’ll take it. Their business model will be like any business run by the Mafia. In other words, undercut the competition, drive them out of business with threats, blackmail and “protection” and kill anybody who gets in their way.

Global fear is driving all this. The fear of ISIS, runaway refugees and with it, uncontrollable immigration, nuclear war with North Korea, racism (which is rooted in fear) and the fire that fuels everything now, the Internet.

Putin is playing trump and they both are playing us. It’s all a show for consumption at home. I won’t believe anything coming out of this meeting until time has passed and respectable journalists have had their say.

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