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I’ve been watching and listening to the conservative fringe radio and TV networks more and more lately. Why? I like to watch people struggle with their prejudices, especially in light of new information. Just the other day I heard the right wing god himself, Dear Leader El Rushbo say he was getting tired of defending Republicans. When he said that, I said aloud alone in my car, “Then stop!”

Fox Snooze Channel is being forced against their will to criticize trump and Sen. Roy Moore. Their usual broadcast tactic is deny, deny, deny and change the subject, but the past few events have made it very difficult for them to practice their business model. Shep Smith and a couple of others are awake and aware (or “woke” if you’re extremely hip), but their opinionaters are as stupid as ever. They’re up against the wall, motherfucker, and it’s fun to watch. Even Sean Hannity is starting to crack.

We’re watching a once legitimate political movement which has evolved into a hate machine collapse and it’s taking the Republican Party with it. Let’s be sure we don’t let them take We The Peeps down with them.

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