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Wishful Thinking

I have thought for quite awhile, why isn’t trump in a New York City jail? Given all the lies he tells, the disloyalty he shows and he is such a horrible liar, it’s surprising to me he hasn’t been charged with perjury at some point in his career. I said it before and I'll say it again, our system will save us from trump and so far it is.

He, the Republican Party and Fox News Channel are doing their best to destroy it, but so far the Constitution is prevailing. I also predicted in 2016 that this was the end of the GOP and so far I'm right about that, too. It's ugly to watch their wholesale sellout to the Koch brothers and others like them, but there it is right before our eyes. Don't lose faith. The Founders anticipated the possibility that a despot would arise. The only thing that can stop them is We The People of the United States. We are still forming a more perfect union. Don't quit now.

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