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Hate One For The Gipper

The 2017 Republican Party once again learns that a party based on hate, prejudice and fear cannot govern. Why? Because a majority of we the peeps are not filled with hate, prejudice and fear, except maybe of Republicans. For most of the history of the GOP (before it was the Grand Old Party) it was liberal and based on balanced budgets, small government, rational policies, low taxes and equality for all, but since Rush Limbaugh and the Fox News Channel hijacked the conservative dialogue, those days are over. Oh, the party still claims those principles, but it doesn’t follow them. The fact is the party only exists today to channel hatred of blacks, women, gays, transgenders, health care for all and Freedom of Choice. In short, anything new and interesting. Even George Will, the voice of conservatism, is beyond critical of his former team, calling trump “unfit.”

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