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The End Of Lincoln’s Party Is Near

This is how the Republican party dies, attempting to bring down the country with it. A party based on hatred of Pres. Obama, Hillary Clinton and liberals cannot last long. Not to mention its denial of science, its members living in fear with their hatred of Freedom of Choice, gay rights, the free press, and unable to embrace enlightenment.

The Republican Party, as it is today, has no place in modern times. It’s not even a political party anymore as much as it is a fundamentalist Christian religion. The party is disintegrating and splitting apart, the rational, intelligent, pragmatic conservatives willing to listen to other viewpoints are on one side and the people who voted for trump on the other.

The sooner the GOP goes down, the better, ideally before election day, 2018. Then, possibly by 2020, a more intelligent and rational manifestation of conservative values can take its place.

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