February 2, 2018

I'm rooting for the Patriots. I'm a fan of the two most hated teams in sports, the Pats and the Yankees. It's mainly because I'm a practical man; I can watch them on local TV and I don't have to pay extra to those highway robbers at Comcast.

The Giants do nothing for me...

October 12, 2017

This is what I didn’t like about working in the corporate world. If you’re getting a fat paycheck, you are expected to take some abuse and even give up certain rights, among them free speech. One of my favorite lines in all the movies I’ve seen is delivered by Cher whe...

September 25, 2017

I thought we settled this issue back in the 1960s. Athletes don’t give up their Constitutional rights when they sign a contract. They retain ALL their rights, including the right to free speech, and taking a knee is free speech, whether you like it or not. Refusing to...

August 8, 2017

I like to watch football. When I was younger, I liked to play football, too, but it was either two-handed tag, or flag football. Mostly, it was about getting together with friends on a Saturday afternoon and drinking a few beers afterward. The first time I drank Coors...

July 21, 2017

Summer is flying by much too quickly and there’s some things I want to do before that lucky ol’ sun crosses the equator:

1. Get a tattoo of hair on my legs.

2. Go to a nude beach.

3. Buy a Corvette convertible.

4. Play golf just freaking once without a triple bogey on...

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