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You Have The Right To Remain Silent

This is what I didn’t like about working in the corporate world. If you’re getting a fat paycheck, you are expected to take some abuse and even give up certain rights, among them free speech. One of my favorite lines in all the movies I’ve seen is delivered by Cher when she acted the role of the divorced mother of a hideously deformed young boy in “Mask.” Her friend asks her about taking alimony and child support from her ex-husband. Cher replies, “Hell no. You take their money, you have to take their bullshit.” Well, we all need some level of corporate money to survive, so it comes down to how much bullshit you can stand. IMO, as they say on social media, we shouldn’t have to give up our Constitutional rights as Americans every time we sign a contract or collect a paycheck. And besides all that, didn’t we settle this in the 1960s? Yes, we did. Oh how demagogues love a divisive issue!

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