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Stop the gun cult

The New York Daily News is right. Save your prayers because God doesn’t give a shit about gun violence. He gave us free will and this is one way we use it. We can kill anybody at any time. The only thing we the peeps who are not part of the gun cult can do is to take away the guns and severely limit the purchase of new ones.

Take a look at what Australia did after a spate of gun violence. The National Rifle Association could be a leader in the war on guns, but they’ve chosen to be a provider, an enabler. It’s function as a lobbyist for gun manufacturers is one of the most succesful in American industrial history.

We have the free will to stop this carnage, but not the law. The law is on the side of the gun cult, which is not surprising. The gun cult has financed the campaigns of the very elected politicians who write laws, or in this case, refuse to write laws to limit the sale and possession of guns.

The gun cultists like to say that... well, we know what they like to say. They like to say bullshit. We the nonmembers of the gun cult wring our hands and send our thoughts and pray to the very same god who has given the killers the will and the means to kill.

If we don’t have the guts to rid ourselves of the Second Amendment, then enforce it to the letter. Make anyone who wants to own a gun be a member of a “well regulated” militia. The first job of the militia would be to take away the guns from people who aren’t members. Those illegal gun owners would be given the opportunity to turn in their weapons peacefully, orderly, maybe even be compensated, but the day of unlimited, unregulated access to guns would end once and for all.

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