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Should we just let Scalia cast Clarence Thomas' votes?

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas votes conservatively so consistently, somebody once said that we could’ve saved American taxpayers time and money by just giving Antonin “Fat Tony” Scalia two votes.

My cartoon notwithstanding, I’m not a fan of Thomas, either. He’s one of those people who’ve benefitted from affirmative action, climbed to the pinnacle of success and has done everything he can to pull up the ladder behind him, assuring that nobody else has the opportunity to make it the same way.

Clarence Thomas got where he is today because of hard work and dedication, but there’s no denying he got a boost in the beginning with his college education. Well, I suppose he’s a typical conservative Republican in that sense. That’s the conservative Republican way: I got mine, now you get yours without any help from me.

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