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Grow Up

The closer the art of politics gets to the top, the more primitive it is.

A contest for city council can be reasonably civil, except maybe in New York or Chicago, but by the time you get to the White House, it’s gotten completely caveman, which is where adolescents dwell (that’s why there are so many rules in middle school.) The level of discourse coming out of today’s Republican Party reminds me of junior high school and the culture surrounding it. Playground bullies vs the nerds.

And make no mistake, nerds run the modern world economy and earn the biggest paychecks. The nerds are the bullies’ bosses. That’s because the bullies, as stupid as they are, confuse intelligence for weakness. They can do that when they’re kids because they’re surrounded by less than intelligent weaklings who think they’ll find safety by kissing up to the tough guys.

There is no one more of a bully than Donald J. (Jackass) Trump, but his cohorts behind the lecterns in the debates are trying mightily to match his idiocy even though they constantly fail. I’ve never seen such a bare, desperate lust for power as in this crop of losers. There isn’t one Republican on that stage I would vote for, except maybe John Kasich, but I haven’t examined his record in Ohio. To hear him tell it, it’s flawless.

We’ll find out soon enough when the final campaigns begin. Until then, class dismissed.


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