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An Editorial Cartoonist's Prayer

Dear God,

Thank you for bringing Donald Trump and Sarah Palin into our lives.

And thank you for making them easy to draw.


Some people don’t understand the appeal of Sarah Palin.

A male friend of mine summed it up for many of his fellows in 2008 when she and Presidential Candidate John McCain were running against Barack Obama and Joe Biden. I’ll clean up my friend’s comment as best I can. He said, “She’s the only Vice-Presidential Candidate I’ve ever wanted to have sex with.”

That comment doesn’t explain her appeal to Republican women, straight women anyway. We’ll have to hear from them.

The liberal New York Daily News had a picture of Palin and Trump on the front page with the headline “I’m With Stupid.” Palin’s little endorsement speech was typically rambling and made no sense. I’m concerned about her. She may be suffering from a series of concussions from banging her head against the wall of political respectability. Is she going to tour with Trump, or be a part of his cabinet? Maybe yes, maybe no.

It’s the Trump and Palin Show today, so anything’s possible, but basically she’s just arm candy for the GOP base in Iowa, which makes me wonder about those hard-core Republicans in the Hawkeye State. They must be easily impressed.


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