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Reach For The Sky

That’s right, reach for the sky. Decide what your goal is, no matter how impossible it might seem, and go for it.

Let’s say you want to see the Second Amendment either repealed, re-written or enforced to the letter of the law with gun cult members being required to be a member a well-regulated state militia. I have one word for you. Organize. Assemble a posse of like-minded people and go to the nearest gun store and picket it. Or join a group who would like to see guns restricted, such as Sandy Hook Promise You won’t find a more dedicated bunch of motivated people.

I do what I can with cartoons, but I think I’m preaching to the choir. People who don’t agree with me don’t read my cartoons.

The other day President Obama shed a tear over folks who’ve shed blood to gun violence. We can make it stop, or at least cut the death toll in half. Find out the names and headquarters of the politicians who allow this carnage to continue.

Be like the gun cult. Relentless.


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