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New York State Of Mind

I can’t think of a time when two New York City natives were the front runners in any presidential race. We have to go back to Franklin Roosevelt to even find a New York native in office, but he didn’t come from the city. He was from Hyde Park.

No, we have to go all the way back to FDR’s cousin Teddy to find a New York City native in the Oval Office. That didn’t turn out well for the robber barons of his time. The motto on the Brooklyn seal on Bernie’s back says “Eendraght Maeckt Maght,” which translates from early modern Dutch as “In unity, there is strength.” I thought it was Gaelic or Klingon. The two are very much alike, but of course the Big Apple and surrounding areas were settled by the Dutch.

When you leave Brooklyn on the Williamsburg Bridge, there’s a sign that says “Leaving Brooklyn. Oy Vey” which I think captures the borough’s reputation and sense of humor. The “1898” on the Queens seal is the year the borough became a part of New York City. The two boroughs are similar in size, Brooklyn being a little bit larger and the people much more densely packed in.

Either way, if Bernie and The Donald wind up going head to head, we the peeps will be in for a historic mental pounding. We won’t fuhgeddaboudit anytime soon.

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