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Poor Baby!

I’m not a psychiatrist but I play one in Cartoonland. I’ve put many politicians and movie stars on my couch, but no one has taken up as much space in so short a time as Donald Trump. Trump switches gears like the well-oiled narcissus that he is, going between bully and victim in a nanosecond. The important thing for the narcissus is to keep the attention on himself at all times. I have to say that I had to take time off from drawing Trump. I have a low threshold of boredom and I am truly bored with Trump, but that in itself is alarming. It’s like being bored with Hitler.

I must never be bored with tyrants. Yesterday was the first really warm, summer-like day in Connecticut, so I played a healing round of golf. The restorative powers of chasing that little white ball around several hundred acres of manicured lawn helps focus the mind on the task at hand. Golf is expensive, time-consuming, pointless and difficult. To put any emotion into it explains how one can skew the unimportant things in life and make them enormously important. What’s more important, to elect a president and congress that will change America for the next generation, or to get on in regulation and two-putt for par? Well, what was important yesterday doesn’t seem so important today, but I’m glad I did it. I almost broke 100.

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