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Jerk Or Asshole? That Is The Question

I decided that “jerk” was more appropriate than “asshole.” Assholes are open to redemption, but jerks are jerks forever. They can’t change because they feel they don’t have to, that how they are is the way they want to be. Assholes, on the other hand, see the light eventually and, if not change their behavior, they at least see the error of their ways.

An asshole is capable of apologizing but a jerk never will, or if he tries, it will come off as hollow and insincere because he doesn’t really mean it. Why? Because a jerk always right. Trump admits it; he’s always right. He said so. He’s a jerk of the first order, which brings me to another point.

George W. Bush was our first Dumbass President. We’ve had some presidents who were not too smart, but Dubya was the first total dumbass. I’ll give him props on two issues, AIDS money to Africa and his rational immigration policy that his own political party shot down, but other than those two things, he was a dumbass.

Donald Trump, if he’s elected, won’t be our first Jerk President. Richard Nixon, a classic jerk, fills that spot. And if The Donald’s elected, we can look forward to two things in 2017. The first term of President Trump and the release of O.J. Simpson, another classic jerk, who will be out of jail on parole.

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