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Don’t ever think we the peeps can’t get more absurd. Fear, 24-7 news and social media fuels our absurdity. The most mundane, silly so-called “news story” can be blown out of proportion if it’s accompanied by hysterical rantings online and in video. It doesn’t even have to be dramatic video. It just has to be a moving image on your TV, computer or phone. And of course, if that “news story” generates fear, the nearest politician will jump on it and use it to elbow his way to the front of the mob.

Modern politics are all about prejudice. People aren’t listening, reading, researching, or spending any time examining the truth. It’s easier to join the Republican Party, Tea Party or the Democratic Party than it is to be independent and think for yourself. Bernie, Hillary, Trump...don’t confuse me with the facts; my mind is made up.

Transgender people were invisible once upon a time except maybe when noticed by an observant person at the mall who whispers,“That woman over there is a guy. Look at his Adam’s apple.” Now, fear and the media have taken over and the people in some of our more reactionary states live in panic that the person in the next stall may be standing instead of sitting, or sitting instead of standing.

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