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Obama To GOP...You're Welcome

Who is that skulking outside America’s public restrooms and locker rooms? Why, it’s President Obama handing another issue to the Republicans to use against the Democrats in the fall election. And just to keep this in perspective, according to the New York Times, there are .01 percent to 0.3 percent transgender people In this fucked up, batshit crazy country we live in. Taking a leak or a post-game shower has become political and Obama is not helping. And let’s face it, bathrooms are one place where anyone can easily hide their gender, but a locker room is entirely a different matter.

I’ll confess I hate public locker rooms. Stripping down in front of a bunch of strange men is not my idea of a good time. Seeing people lined up naked taking a shower is abhorrent to me. It reminds me of pictures of the Nazi death camps in Germany during the holocaust.

Simple architecture can solve all this absurd nonsense. Make bathrooms and locker rooms more private. For instance, the men’s room at Charles De Gaulle Airport Terminal 2 in Paris is a stunning example of modern thinking. A floor-to-almost-ceiling stall encloses each toilet. Privacy rules. Shower stalls can be made private, too. There’s no reason anyone has to see us taking a shower or taking a leak.

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