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Let's Talk Nutrition

I don’t eat insects, not knowingly anyway. There are other more delicious ways to get protein, like eating shad roe and cow tongue. Liver and onions is good, but one man’s meat is another man’s poisoned apple. In short, I’ll eat almost anything that won’t make me sick at just the thought of it. I like buffalo. Is that legal now that it’s our national mammal? I also like alligator, snake, squirrel, venison, rabbit, eel and all kinds of fish. I watch Andrew Zimmern on Bizarre Foods and am amazed that he eats giant grubs and worms. I’ve never eaten a grub and I haven’t eaten a worm since I was a year old and don’t plan to take up the delicacy again any time soon. I remember the first lobster I ate and the first raw oyster, both at restaurants in Chicago.

I don’t know if the new labels will do much for nutrition. Just a quick look at the customers in the supermarket makes me wonder if most people consult them. I do because I’m curious about carbs and added sodium. I’m lucky that I don’t have high blood pressure––my BP always gets raves from the nurses––but high cholesterol runs in the family. My biggest health failing is in the gym. I don’t belong to one. I sit at a drawing board or computer all day and play golf occasionally, but that’s it. So, if you’re on the treadmill at your local health club and you see an older gent with a bald head and a nice beard sweating to the oldies, that’s not me.

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