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If your name is not Trump, Hillary or Bernie, don’t expect any air time. If you want to know what a libertarian is, here’s the home page: Their motto is “Minimum Government, Maximum Freedom.” They’re beyond conservative; they make the GOP look like the Communist Party. Presidential candidate Gary Johnson was the governor of New Mexico for two terms and vice-president-in-your-dreams Bill Weld was the governor of Massachusetts for the same number.

We in Connecticut have heard of Weld, but I can’t tell you what he’s famous for, or any of his accomplishments. Massachusetts is way up north and not a part of Connecticut, so we only pay attention to the commonwealth’s politics when there’s a planned casino that might drain revenue from our Indians, or a Kennedy involved at some level.

Gary Johnson of New Mexico, who knows what he did. And that begs a question. How come all we hear about is the immigration problem in Arizona and not in New Mexico? Could it be they’re doing something right or that they don’t have many assholes in high office like their neighbor?

The Libertarian Party website says a vote for them is a vote for reason. I say a vote for the “The Party of Principle” is a vote for the Democrats. And on behalf of Hillary and Bernie, thank you.

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