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...In A Landslide

Yes, it’s true. I don’t care what they say about Hillary; if she killed Vince Foster or started ISIS or is crooked as a coat hanger. Emails, shme-mails. I’d vote for Hillary if she were on death row. That’s right. I’m not throwing my vote away on a third, or fourth party. I’m not writing in Mickey Mouse’s name, or leaving my choice for president blank on the ballot. I’m voting for Hillary because I’m practical.

A vote for anyone, or anything else is a vote for Il Douchebag. I’m not defending anything she’s done, or is accused of doing. In fact, I’m looking forward to drawing editorial cartoons about her in spite of the barrage of negative emails and bleats I’ll get from the Twitterverse.

There is no other choice for me as a practical person. Feel the Bern, ban the bomb, stop fracking, don’t eat meat, end war, love one another––these are noble sentiments, but like I said, I’m a practical person. Hillary is qualified and electable. We know what we’re going to get, a traditional pol, a backroom negotiator, a typical Democrat. Moderate? Probably. Liberal? Somewhat. Conservative? Not bloody likely. So, I’m With Her....until Nov. 9.

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