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Screw The Twitterverse!

Who are these malevolent meatballs living in their parent’s basement? The Twitterverse, that’s who. A bunch of wasted losers who can’t do much of anything, so they criticize those who can. The media encourages these finger-happy hooligans by simply referring to them. “The Internet is not happy,” they say. “Controversy in the Twitterverse!” With all due respect to newscasters everywhere, who gives a shit?

Here’s my advice from someone who has gotten more than his share of bullshit from the subterranean trolls and remoras who follow us sharks. If you’re a person who’s doing something remarkable in the public eye and if you’re sensitive, or don't have a thick skin, close your social media accounts, or hire staff to pretend to be you like Donald Trump does. Be happy with your list of email friends and let it go at that. If you decide to stay with social media, don’t let the losers get to you. It only feeds them.

The rabid critics in the Twitterverse have nothing to offer anyone, not constructive criticism, not enlightenment, not anything except hate and negativity. Even when they offer praise, you have to be suspicious. You never know; you could be the favorite talent of a child molester or mass murderer. Just do your thing and listen to your mentors, teachers, trainers and guides. And be true to your heart.

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