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Rain, Rain, Go Away!

Or not. That’s what happened in California. The rain went away for five years in some places and that’s why the Golden State is on fire. A few years ago, the Southeast was in a drought and there was tension among the states in the region caused by low river levels. Some states wanted to draw off water that other states desperately needed. Historically, people have waged war over diminishing natural resources. The debate got pretty heated, but thankfully, it did’t come to that.

Too much water in one part of the country and not enough in another is the curse of our climate-changing world. Why can’t we build a system of pipes and pumps throughout the country that can send water where needed? We already have this system with oil and gas; pipes bring those fuels to wherever we need them. Can’t we do it with water? I know it would be expensive, but there’s money for it somewhere. How much do we spend on bottled water, it’s packaging and shipping? And don’t get me started on designer clothes for children.

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