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Trump Clears It Up

The choice in November is clear. Let’s say it’s true that Bill Clinton was a serial groper, sexual predator, adulterer and hummerphile president. Do we want to send another one to the White House in the form of Il Douchebag? And let’s say that it’s true what the deplorables claim, that Hillary hates women. Trump hates women, too, because he’s afraid of them, so those two emotions neutralize each other. And let’s say it’s also true that Il Douchebag is a liar and Hillary is a liar, also two traits that balance each other. What’s left? Well, Il Douchebag himself said it. “She’s a fighter.” That’s exactly what we need. We’ll need a fighter in the Oval Office to get things done the next four years. We’ll need a fighter to fix Obamacare, Syria, Russia, taxes, the economy, trade and all the myriad problems we face. When the going gets tough, Hill gets tougher. When the going gets tough, Il Douchebag rolls over and declares bankruptcy. He blames his failures on everyone but himself. That’s not fighting; that’s caving. It’s failing with style, to semi-quote Buzz Lightyear. Temperament. Hill has it. Trump said so himself.

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