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Speaking Of Honest Abe

Abraham Lincoln was the first Republican Party candidate to win the White House. The Grand Old Party was formed because of fear, anger and hate. Fear of a civil war, anger over various pro-slavery laws and hate of that “peculiar institution.”

Today, ironically, the party is collapsing because of those emotions, only within a modern context. Fear of terrorism, anger at social advances ––gay marriage, freedom of choice, racial equality, to name a few––and irrational hatred of the Clintons. It all seems so petty. As more news about Il Douchebag’s serial predation with women surfaces, I’m starting to feel sad for his followers. They must really be in a state of mental collapse. They must be so filled with rage that they’ve lost all sense of reasonableness. I see them on TV talking over the interviewer, rambling on, blathering about a man who doesn’t deserve even one follower. Those people are sick. What shall we do with them after the election, institutionalize them as Il Douchebag would do? No, we’ll let them rest and give them a chance to recover and re-join American civilized society. There’s a bodega in my town that has a neon sign in its window. It says: “We forgive, but we don’t forget.” Let that be our motto as we move on.

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