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TGIF Tuesday

Thank God It’s Finished Tuesday. Tomorrow can’t come soon enough. We’ll be having friends over in the evening to celebrate electing the first woman president of the United States. And speaking of firsts, we shall be celebrating the wisdom of the American people in defeating the first fascist candidate and the destruction of the Republican Party. The people who voted for Trumpanoia can carry their shame with them the rest of their miserable lives. What takes its place? I don’t know, but I hope it’s more traditional, you know, the way it was before the religious extremists took over, before the racists took over, before the sexist, hate-filled hypocrites took over. Let them start their own party. Maybe there are still enough level-headed conservatives left who can form something new out of the dog shit left by the basket of deplorables. Already, new movements are emerging with new names, like Brand New Congress. It sounds like grass roots pie in the sky (like that mix?) but new parties have to start somewhere. These folks came out out of the movement Bernie Sanders started. They sound like millennials with heads full of good ideas. Check them out.

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