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Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.

I’ve never been more wrong about political prognostication. I’ve never read the tea leaves more inaccurately. My instincts have never been more switched off, but I’ve ben educated. I’ll never trust public opinion polls again. I’ve always told people to lie when a pollster asks their opinion. That way, when polls become completely unreliable, politicians and the corrupt news media––Trumpanoia got one thing right––would stop relying on them and just might make decisions based on their own convictions. Speaking of polls, I’m dropping from my radar. Why? It’s unreliable. I’ve never felt more alienated from the slim majority who made Trumpanoia the leader of our land. I thought I knew you, but clearly, I’ll have to be reacquainted. “Trust God and trust the people.,” the preacher says. No fucking way. God, maybe, but the people? Ted Nugent for Secretary of State? Chris Christie for anything? Rudi Giuliani? He belongs in an institution, and I’m not talking the Smithsonian. All this is to say, given the events of the past 24 hours, I’m resigning as a political know-it-all prognosticator and going back to my job as a humble, quiet, thoughtful Connecticut editorial cartoonist trapped in a populist, nativist, nationalist, closed-border, homophobic, misogynist foreign country run by fascists. One more thing; I was wrong. It CAN happen here.

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