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The Ryan Express

Don’t let Trump’s appointments of racists, bigots, white supremacists and other monsters from the bottom of the swamp distract us from the many, many other important issues, like his and Rep. Paul Ryan’s plans to destroy Medicare and Medicaid.

In typical Trump fashion, he was all over the map during his campaign, first saying he wouldn’t touch it and now saying he would, and that includes privatizing Social Security.

Ryan is focused, where Trump is not. Ryan is by nature, an affable social program ax murderer. He’ll do it if he can get it passed through Congress, and I have no reason to think that everything the conservatives, tea party and the GOP in general want, they will get. They’re in charge of everything now.

We’ve had one party rule––the Democrats––in Connecticut for at least 35 years and our state’s in a horrible fix. I was hoping that the destruction of the Republican Party would happen without dragging down the United States with it. This year is a mirror image of 2008 when the conservatives were scared shitless.

Now, it’s the liberals and moderates turn. It’s that damn pendulum swinging back and forth like always. In other words, get ready in 2020 for Pres. Elizabeth Warren. But this is not a prediction; I don’t make those anymore. A prediction is science fiction.

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