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My Hero

Last year during the debates between trump and Hillary Clinton, every time I watched I pictured Elizabeth Warren up there kicking blondie’s fat ass. The only thing he seemed to have on her was calling her “Pocahontas” based on her claim she’s part Indian, which may, or may not be true. Big deal. During the Jeff Sessions hearings, Mitch “The Bitch” McConnell silenced her in the Senate using a little known rule. It backfired. He turned her into the most prominent and visible critic of the Republican debacle in Congress. Later on CNN, Warren said “They can shut me up, but they can’t change the truth,” which of course is true. But the GOPee has had an alternative relationship with the truth for over a year now. Let’s just say that the the GOPee and the truth have an open marriage. Check out twitter #LetLizSpeak and get your checkbook ready. All this is a warmup for 2020 which can’t come soon enough. You go girl!

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