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Let It Snow

Living in New England, as I do, I consider myself an expert on snowflakes. It’s true that no two snowflakes are alike. Some are white, some are black, some are liberal...oops. Wrong snowflakes. This definition is from the online Urban Dictionary: An insult, used to mean that a person is too easily insulted or is too sensitive to opinions. Mainly used by Alt-Right Trumpet blowers, who ironically, don't realize they are the very definition of the insult they love to throw around. Snowflake is used by people who are incapable of using their intellect and their words to make their point in an intelligent manner. Snowflakes are formed in the freezing cold heart of conservative extremes. The lack of compassion for our fellow citizens...dang. There I go again. Snowflakes are made of crystalized liquid. The great rocker Frank Zappa once sang a song cautioning us not to eat the yellow snow because it’s frozen pee, much like the pee that Trump and his Russian hookers...daggone it. I can’t seem to stay on topic here.

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