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I listened to the trump press conference yesterday almost all the way home from Stamford. I was with a bunch of cartoonist friends who are smart, informed, funny, committed and talented among so many other fine qualities. It was a culture shock to listen for an hour to that loathsome pile of excrement, the fake president, occupying the White House. Even Fox News Channel’s few enlightened TV talkers are appalled. Yeah, that’s right. I’m back watching the news and have been since the inauguration. And this time, I’m watching Fox as well as the other cable news channels and broadcast programs because if Fox sees something rotten in conservative America, it must be REALLY rotten. And maybe you Fox regulars can explain something. Why is it that Fox regularly bitches about “the media” and yet fails to understand that they are a very important media outlet? My theory is that for so many years they’ve not been part of the media, but rather a bullshit opinion mill for simple minded cretins. Well, they’re not that now, not as long as they have Shep Smith in front of the camera. He’s not afraid of the truth. I don’t expect him to be there much longer though. He’s too enlightened. Scoot over, Megan Kelly.

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