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Two Things

Thing 1: Yes, the press is the enemy of the people, that is, the people who cling to “alternative facts” and fake news. The people who think trump is some kind of oracle, a godlike L.Ron Hubbard-type. The press is enemy of lies and half-truths. Mainstream media is hated by the political extremes: trumpophiles and the extreme left, which means the middle gets it right. My news sources that I depend on most are mainstream. Yes, I dance to the edges occasionally. I like to see what the nut-cases are up to. I’m even watching Fox News Channel regularly.

Thing 2: The Republicans have taken hypocrisy to a whole new level. They are without question the artists of the catchy phrase,“don’t do as I do, do as I say.” If the tables were turned and it were Democrat Hillary Clinton doing what the head trumpophile is doing, we’d have about nine congressional investigations going right now. The people whose lives and fortunes trump destroys will probably be the folks who voted for him.

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