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Banned On Joe

Co-host Mika Brzezinski has banned Kellyanne Conjob from appearing on “Morning Joe.” That’s right, Mika has stood up and put her foot down. “We know for a fact that she tries to book herself on this show. I won’t do it. Because I don’t believe in fake news, or information that is not true...every time I’ve seen her on television, something’s askew, off or incorrect.”

Trump continues to hypnotize his followers with made-up bullshit and they just lap it up. The other day at one of his rallies, he alluded to a terrorist attack in Sweden “last night.” This was news to the Swedes. It turns out he was inarticulately talking about Swedish immigration policy, but his people knew what he was saying. They understand trumpspeak.

Believers who practice trumpology are in a religion very much like Scientology. Yes, trumpophiles are in a cult, a cult of fantasy news, coded statements and plain old-fashioned lies. Trumpophiles drink it in; it gives them sustenance and makes them feel alive. But, L. Ron Hubbard is not their God-like messenger. It’s the golden-haired idol. At least Hubbard was known to read an occasional book. The number one rule in trumpology is do not believe anything that doesn’t come from the idol’s mouth. Or bladder.

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