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Repeal, Replace, Repent!

That fraud in the White House, that so-called president keeps finding new depths of absurdity. The latest is his reaction to his failure to shepherd his signature campaign promise through a house committee. He says congress is the loser, Democrats are the loser, Chuck Schumer is the loser, Nancy Pelosi is the loser; everybody’s a loser except the loser-in-chief himself. The man has no inner life. He lives apart from his own being. It’s truly amazing. We saw some losers this past weekend in the NCAA tourney. Xavier lost, Kentucky lost; I didn’t see a locker room report about Xavier but two players on Kentucky were crying their eyes out with bitter disappointment. But, the players that lost didn’t deflect to the fans, the coach or the officiating. Unlike trump, they owned it. I know what it’s like to lose. I know what it’s like to fail. Anybody who has reached for the stars and occasionally came up short knows it. Anybody who has swung for the fences and grounded out at first knows it. But each failure was a launch pad for victory. The great American philosopher Hopalong Cassidy said,”Any time you play a game, play it to win but remember, somebody has to lose. If it’s you, you don’t have to be happy about it. Be a good loser and try a little harder next time.”

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