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And We Thought It Would Be Hillary

We were wrong. But I didn’t vote for Ivanka. I didn’t vote for her father, either. Maybe I will after he switches parties and becomes a Democrat. It’s not that I’m a Democrat; I’m not, but I would never send, or re-elect, a Republican to Washington under the current circumstances. We’re lucky here in Connecticut. We have all the right-thinking representatives and senators who, by the way, are getting a lot of attention with their excellent ideas. Jim Himes, Richard Blumenthal and Chris Murphy are tops in their professions and have solid democratic values. The others are more low-key, but equally impressive. Speaking of credentials, the president’s daughter is working on the family plan in the White House right next to trump. She’s a daddy-sitter. Not a bad gig for $750 million if it’s true what her company is worth. And we have to pay for their security? We should be charging her rent for opening her first regional store in Washington.

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