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What Happens Next?

We’re in a new trumpian era. His first use of presidential power to do good in the world and I agree with him. I generally supported Pres. Obama and voted for him twice, but he made two big errors. One, was the rollout and implementation of Obamacare. We’ll get to that another time. Today, let’s talk about the red line he drew in Syria. If Bashar Assad used poison gas against his own people, Obama said it was a red line that if he crossed, the U.S. would respond. He did and we didn’t. I was in favor of Obama’s approach to the Mideast, which was to stay the hell out as much as possible. But drawing a red line was pointless if we weren’t going to follow through. It showed we were weak and Bashar had nothing to fear from us. Obama should’ve never drawn a red line, period. The president is is going through on-the-job training right now, and yes, he’s my president. He works for me. As a voting citizen of the United States, he is my employee. Who knows? One day I may even capitalize his name.

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