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Vive La Email

Are the French simply smarter than we are? Could be, although we were the first major power hacked by the Russians and we weren’t prepared. The French knew what to expect and were ready for it. We in the United States will have to learn to do the same. Macron’s spokeswoman said in an interview, “The middle class has forgotten how to think.” Let’s try to remember. Make America Think Again. Forty percent of America is ready to believe anything, and I mean ANYTHING. We’ll have to ignore fake news and pirated emails from either party in the 2018 election and every election going forward. Here’s a hint: do what journalists do. When you see a news story, don’t take it at face value. Check it out. The maxim in journalism is, “If your mother says she loves you, check it out with at least two independent sources.” As far as emails go, take them with a grain of salt, especially the salty ones.And let’s get real. How would your character hold up to scrutiny if all of your emails went public?

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