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The Plot Sickens

Timing. It’s all about timing. Why did trump fire Comey now? And that letter that trump wrote, what fraud. It’s transparently filled with lies because trump’s base will believe anything, and I mean anything. They are willfully ignorant and delightfully gullible. By the way, I have several opinions that I’m not willing to make public. They involve words and actions that I’ll just keep to myself. In today’s cartoon, I’m taking the high road; that Comey was getting too close to trump and trump had to act. He couldn’t allow his illegitimate presidency to be tarnished further with proof (hard facts and figures-not Kellyanne “alternative” facts) of his involvement with the Russian mafia, i.e. Putin’s business pals. That seems to be where it’s heading. Let’s put it this way. Any voter who votes for a Republican in 2018 should be deported. To Russia.

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