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Please Don’t Shoot The Politicians

Do I have to say it? There’s so much hate today on both sides of the political spectrum. The left hates the right, the right hates the left and the middle is just trying to retire their student loan debt or raise a family and keep their children off of opioids. Back in the day, nut cases had a hard time finding each other. They were marginalized and they knew it.

Extremists today have a cheering section called radio and TV. They have a support group called the Internet. This monster in Alexandria opens the door to retaliation by the vigilantes lurking in the mountains. A hate crime is repaid with a hate crime. World War I was started over less, and yes, this is how wars are started. And what’s the point anyway? Politics is about ideas and you can’t kill an idea. They only die when the majority of people abandon them.

Was it terrorism? Hell yes, home-grown, lone-wolf terrorism, so typical in our gun-soaked culture. It wasn’t based on religion or nationality and it was unusual that the shooter was 66 years old. Idiocy knows no age limit. But it was terrorism. Just ask the people who were there running for cover.

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