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Fake News, Real Lies

It’s instructive to see one of trump’s lies up close and how he mixes truth and fabrication. His latest Tweet about Sen. Richard Blumenthal is a case in point. Yes, during an election campaign Blumey said he served in Vietnam. Yes, he lied. Yes, he apologized in an embarrassing moment. No, he did not cry “like a baby.” He didn’t cry at all. He said he was sorry and the veterans and voters of Connecticut forgave him enough to vote him into office time and time again.

Why did he lie? I’m not a shrink, but I think a lot of men feel guilty they avoided active armed conflict over there. But any man who was paying attention back then knew that Vietnam was a un-winnable war, that the U.S. was not in it to win it. We did not belong there. I avoided the draft and the war by staying one step ahead of the government’s deferments. Student, married, fatherhood; I had ‘em all except medical.

It would be an honor to be attacked in one of trump’s Tweet storms. It would be like being on Nixon’s enemies list. Paul Conrad was, lucky dog. Once again, it shows just how small this cretin trump is. But, alas, I don’t know if he even understands editorial cartoons like Nixon did and I don’t care.

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