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Hope From Charlottesville

There was something that didn’t happen last weekend in Charlottesville, something that provides a clue to “both sides,” as trump put it. “Both sides,” the demonstrators and the counter-demonstrators, were armed but nobody pulled their gun and started firing. Virginia is an open carry state. It could’ve happened. It didn’t. Yes, a woman was killed and several were injured by an assassin with a car, but we in Connecticut especially know what widespread carnage and grief can be caused by just one automatic weapon in the hands of a maniac.

This tells me there may be a crack in the solid wall of hate that keeps “both sides” apart, that maybe things haven’t gone too far. If we could get “both sides” in a room, calm them down, talk and listen, we might learn something. The root cause of all this racial insanity is fear. Let’s talk about what we’re afraid of and why rather than which American citizens we want to destroy. The reason this racist stuff keeps coming back is because we haven’t dealt with it.

We the people have an opportunity here, but we’ll get no help from the Racist In Chief. We’ll have to bypass him, you know, the way Congress is doing.


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