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How Low Can They Go?

Can they sink any lower? I’ll answer that. Yes. They can, and have in the past. I saw the end coming for the GOP last year. The party had become based on racism and hate, nicknamed “The Party of No,” dedicated to nothing more than stopping Pres. Obama’s agenda. The clown car full of candidates in 2016 was a clear notification the party had run out of ideas if not power hungry demagogues.

Then I realized that for the party to self-destruct, it would have bring the United states of America down with it. In 2016, I saw the electoral system fail us again as it did in 2000. Now, I’m watching as the governing system is working overtime trying to save us.

The Republicans are so blinded by their own hatred of blacks, abortion rights, women, LGBTQ, liberals, Obamacare, Hillary, important regulations and Muslims they can’t govern. They can only bitch and moan, which is not governing.

The founders set the country up right, though. Thank God they had to deal with King George III. He makes trump and his minions look easy.

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