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It’s happening. I saw this coming in 2016, the split and destruction of the Republican Party. I didn’t know precisely how it would happen, but current events are following a political reality and logic. What rational Republican could vote for trump, or any Republican the fake president might endorse? The answer is very few. I think the Republican voters in 2020 will break down like this:

The most hate-filled prejudiced Republicans will vote for trump (if he’s still in office) again and blame his failures on Congress, the media, the Republican establishment, the usual suspects.

The hardcore Republicans who voted for trump and in their heart, know they made a terrible mistake will never vote for a Democrat under any circumstances. They’ll stay home, or vote for trump’s replacement if it comes to that.

The rational Republicans who didn’t vote in 2016 because they didn’t like the choices, will turn out and vote for the Democratic candidate (if he or she is worthy) to save the country, or possibly vote for trump’s replacement if he or she is mainstream with traditional Republican values.

The independents who voted for trump in 2016 will vote for anyone but trump.

All of this is to say the Republican Party will be split into at least two (possibly three ) pieces and will lose power and the presidency. How much of a loss is up to the Democrats. This is their golden opportunity to take back a rational America. After the election, rational conservatives will create a new political party for the 21st Century, one without the soiled brand of The Grand Old Party and the nut-cases who took it over.

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