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This is, of course, another one of trump’s brilliant ploys to keep his hypocritical hater posse, his base, happy. How do you keep a bunch of racist, frightened, ignorant so-called “good Christians” happy? Give them something while giving them nothing. The fake president sets up the termination of DACA so he can blame congress for killing it or keeping it, whatever they decide. Take the wall. It’s not trump’s fault the United States Congress won’t approve it. He wants it. He promised the American people he’d build it. What happened? Congress happened. Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program? The fake president said he’d end it. He wants to end it but he’s giving Congress six months to think it over. If they go along with it and kill it, it’s their fault. If Congress wants to keep it, it’s their fault. It’s not trump’s fault, right, sucker? In the meantime, let’s haul out the zombies and have another campaign rally in Arizona, Ohio, Illinois, Wisconsin, Hell. I have to admit one thing; it’s pure evil genius.


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