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Boy, the haters have really lost it. There was time when they’d come thundering into town on horseback with torches soaked in flaming gasoline. Now they come in holding tiki torches and wearing white golf shirts. They look like waiters at Applebee’s.

The days of non-violent counter protests are over. If the extremist hate groups think they can march in to a town and defame it like they have in the past, well, they better examine whatever fecal matter is inside their thick skulls. The targets of their hate are not going to take it any more. They’re standing up and fighting back.

For those who would rather fight with their intellect than their fists and feet, there are plenty of nonviolent ways. Letters to Congressmen, governors, mayors, letters to the editor, online, cartoons, novels, contributions, memberships, church groups, peaceful demonstrations, town halls, prayer and registering and voting come to mind. Whatever you do, do it actively. Get involved! We who do not share their hate will win this battle for one simple reason. There are vastly more of us than them.

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