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Deja Vu

When it comes to watching TV news, I’m back where I was in 2015, before the elections, before trump, before Bannon, before almost every Republican in America danced a victory waltz. That is, I turn on the TV briefly in the morning to see if we’re at war and if we’re not, I turn it off and go to my studio to work. One thing has changed, though. Now when I turn on the TV, I’m looking not only for news of war, but news of a United States armed forces military coup against the president. And yes, both can happen.

I don’t need to hear more details about trump’s lunacy. I’m not interested in words. I’m interested in actions. I’ll support any policy that dumps trump and that includes the coup of which I spoke, but also impeachment, the Mueller investigation and invoking the 25th Amendment to have him removed as unfit for the office. Until I hear of actions, I’ll be focused on other issues that need addressing. One thing for sure I can say right now. I’ll be voting in 2018 for anyone but trump, and frankly, anyone who casts a ballot for him again should be institutionalized. What this country needs is a 25th Amendment for voters.

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